Range Safety Officer (RSO)
Range Safety Officers (RSOs) are certified by the NRA to supervise range and shooting activities (along with supervising discipline directors). Supervise shooting activities as prescribed by the range Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and specifically:
  • Control the firing line.
  • Maintain order on the range.
  • Ensure that shooters follow range regulations.
  • Enhance the security of firearms and equipment on the range.
  • Conduct basic inspection procedures for all ranges, including backstop, ventilation systems, target carriers and frames, downrange area, communication systems, etc.
  • Help educate range users about range and shooting rules and enforce the rules when necessary.
  • Conduct range safety briefings for shooting events and orientation briefings for new users.
  • Are in charge during an emergency.
  • Are to be informed/consulted about any range problems or malfunctions immediately.

Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO)
A Chief Range Safety Officer is an NRA certified trainer that is appointed by the Board, and comes with very significant responsibilities. The DRRC CRSO has overall responsibility for safe firearm handling and shooting on the Range. He is responsible for recommending Standard Operating Procedures to determine what activities and actions are approved for our range as a whole and each of our individual ranges. The CRSO is responsible for training Club members to be RSOs for our range and the CRSO schedules RSOs for Club events.

The DRRC Board of Directors encourages any adult member to consider training to become a Range Safety Officer. If interested contact the DRRC CRSO for more information. The CRSO contact information is on our contacts page.