A contest of who can shoot a handgun, rifle and shotgun the best in the shortest period of time. Targets of paper or reactionary steel from ten meters for a handgun to 200 meters for a rifle. Shotgun some place in between fixed and moving targets. The contestant with the lowest time at the end of the day wins.

We currently have a limit of 45 shooters per match. Okay, now what gear will you need to shoot 3 gun? You will need a hand gun, shotgun, and a rifle.


General Rules - We will follow the rules used by 3 Gun Nation. These rules are available at http://3gunnation.com/regionals/rules_awards.

Handguns - 9mm-45 auto are the most common calibers. We use IDPA holster rules, that means, holsters must be on the belt line, unless it's a cow boy style holster for wheel guns. You will need 4 hand gun mags, no fanny packs, or leg or shoulder holsters.

Shotguns - It can be semi auto or pump will work. NO STEEL SHOT, nothing bigger than lead # 4 shot. 4-8 shot work great.

Rifles - Are limited to .223 to 30-06. Most folks shoot .223, they can be scoped, open sight, semi auto, or bolt action, all will do just fine. Most matches will only require two mags. NO STEEL CORE BULLETS AND NO MAGNUM CALIBERS.

Scoring - We use Practiscore electronic scoring. Go to https://practiscore.com/results/ and search drrc 3 gun for match results.

NOTE: Eye and ear protection is mandatory for shooters and spectators while on the range or in the staging area.

Matches are open to the public. Match fee is $10.00.

Access To Matches
All new competitors are required to contact the 3 gun director via email prior to the match for information and to read the cover letter that will be provided. New shooters are required to shoot on squad 1 with the match director and will be evaluated for his or her safe gun handling skills and ability to commands covered in the cover letter.

Cold Range Rule - The cold range rules 1.2 and 1.2.1 are in effect at all matches. 1.2 - All 3GN produced events will be run on COLD RANGES. 1.2.1 - COLD RANGE DEFINITION: Competitors' firearms must remain unloaded at the event site except under the direct supervision of and event official. Happy Shooting!

For more information contact Markus Wigle via email or at 503 317-7769.