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Item Description/Price Contact Information Post Date
It's model isn't labeled, but I believe it's the Thompson/Center Renegade in .54 caliber. Percussion cap with dual set triggers. Barrel finish is ok, the wood is in pretty good shape. I am just not interested in black powder hunting. Tying up room in the safe and need to move on to other things. Comes with 16 Hornady Great Plains bullets, sealed bottle of Hodgdon Triple Seven FFFG, most of a tube of Bore Butter and some Rooster Lube. $225.00 OBO. Pictures available on request. Joel via email. 4/26/2017
Creedmor Cordura shooting coat for left handed shooter, size 36. Very little use, like new. New cost is $329.95 plus options. Here is link to Creedmoor site. $175.00 Pic Charlie at 503 351-8360 or via email. 3/31/2017
Sauer 90 in 9.3x62 $2,500.00.
243 ruger #1. $450.00
Kevin via email. 2/12/2017
Sako TRG42
Selling my never fired Long range rifle. Wanted to get into extreme long range but I shoot my .308 much more. This has every factory part available. This gun has NEVER been shot so is like NEW. Sako TRG42 chambered in 338 Lapua Magnum. 27" barrel. Comes with a 1-10" twist. Package includes bi-pod $548.00, muzzle brake $199.00, Sako Factory TRG-42 Emergency front and Rear Sight $350.00. Extra magazine $195.00 (3 total). Explorer hard Case $225.00. Dewey Cleaning Rod $40.00. Snap Caps x2 $30.00. Rifle as equipped would be equal to $5,550.00, GUN IS IN GREAT CONDITION!!!! PLUS 550 Rounds Lapua Factory Ammo 300gr (100 rounds are loose) $3300. Package with Everything together would = $8850.00

Break down looks like this: Rifle with all accessories = $3,650 RARE and hard to find AMMO = $3300 Will not split up. Transfer to your FFL. For sale price. $6,950.00 OBO Pic

Darrin at 503 807-6719 or via email. 1/16/2017
275 cal same lot Berger 88 gr Varmint bullets. 250 count. $75.00 Ed via email. 12/11/2016
Caldwell lead sled $80.00

Remington model 552, semi auto, good condition. SOLD

Reggie at 503 654-0690 or via email. 11/15/2016
Taurus Model 905 Revolver in 9MM Caliber, 5 shot capacity cylinder, 1 3/4" barrel, Stainless, fixed sights, hammerless, Rubber finger grooved grips. Used, NRA VERY GOOD or better. 5 Taurus stellar moon clips included. $325.00 plus transfer fee at FFL dealer of your choice. Pic Randy via email. 10/20/2016
308 LC ball brass. $10.00 per 100
Seirra bullets 180gr or 168gr boat tail. $30.00 per 100
Sierra bullets 165gr SP 500 for $50.00
Winchester large rifle primmers. $30.00 per 1,000.
MEC Grabber shoot shell loader in 12 gage with 5 different bags of wads 500 all for $225.00 used very little.
Barry at 503 709-2675 or via email. 10/2/2016
Master series Ransom rest, complete with windage base, and 9 grip inserts, 7 unused . Price them out and you will see that this is a great deal. I will consider an offer in the range of $750.00 for all. Steve at 503 653-7733 8/29/2016
Combo pack:
Springfield Armory M1A, scope mounts, serval mags, bi pod. Saginaw M1 Carbine, numbers point to 43-44. Been used and put away, but very usable. $3,000.00.
Rob via email. 5/25/2016
VTR SS 308 REM with bipod $700.00, with Leupold 3X9 scope $900.00. Pic Tom at 503 665-7608 or via email. 4/17/2016
Savage axis 223 with Boyd's custom thumbhole stock Bushnell 3x9 and bipod. $350.00 or $300.00 without bipod and optic. I am open to trade. Pic Nick via email. 3/14/2016
New "Old Stock" RCBS 3 die set. 50/70 WCF never used. $35.00 Pic Marty via email. 2/16/2016