Team Savage poses with the Bog Oak Team Trophy won in Ireland,
just one of the many awards from their recent World Championship trip.
Team members are, from left: John Weil, Darrell Buell, Monte Milanuk and Stan Pate.

They prepared, they went, they conquered, and came back champions. Three members of Team Savage representing the United States at the World Championship in Bisely, England are also members of DRRC and they all came back with medals, many of them gold. And as part of Team USA, came back as WORLD CHAMPIONS! The best in the world.

John Weil - past DRRC treasurer and current board member, Stan Pate - DRRC president, and Darrell Buell - Team Captain and DRRC member, for them after many months of practice, many adjustments to guns and scopes, loading just so, and traveling to matches around the county it paid off in Bisely, England in August of 2009. Using the Model 12 F-T/R from Savage Arms the results for Team USA and our guys came out like this.

World Championship National Teams Match (F-TR)
Team USA 1st place… World Champions
Full USA F-TR Team Roster: Darrell Buell (Captain), Gary Rasmussen (Coach), Dale Carpenter, Monte Milanuk, Paul Phillips, Jeff Rorer, John Weil, Kathy Buell (register keeper).

Individual World Championships (F-T/R)
900 Yard Day 1 — Stan Pate 1st (gold medal)
800 Yard Day 2 — Monte Milanuk 1st (gold medal)
900 Yard Day 2 — John Weil 1st (gold medal)
1000 Yard Day 2 — Stan Pate 1st (gold medal)
800 Yard Aggregate Match — Monte Milanuk 1st (gold medal)
900 Yard Aggregate Match — John Weil 1st (gold medal). Stan Pate 2nd (silver medal)

Individual World Championships Grand Aggregate
Stan Pate 3rd (bronze medal), Darrell Buell 9th, John Weil 10th, Monte Milanuk 13th

Other Major Matches
Duke of Cambridge (900-yard match) — John Weil 1st place (gold medal)
Ireland — Bog Oak Team Trophy, Darrell Buell, Stan Pate, Monte Milanuk, John Weil, Gold Medal

Stan, John, and Darrell, know that all of us at DRRC are proud of your efforts and accomplishments. What other club in the country or even the world can claim three of their members went to the world championships and came back champions. Whether in individual events or as part of Team USA, you are all champions to your friends and associates at DRRC. Hoorah! (That was for Stan).