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General Rules and Regulations

  • This is an online marketplace where Douglas Ridge Rifle Club (DRRC) senior, oldtime, or life members can list personal firearms, shooting sports items, or hunting items for sale.
  • DRRC is not involved in the actual transactions between Buyers and Sellers.
  • DRRC takes no responsibility for the truth or accuracy of items listed, or the quality, safety, or legality of any items offered at sale.
  • DRRC reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time, without prior notification.
  • DRRC does not participate in the sale or monetary transactions between Buyers or Sellers. Unless otherwise stated, all fees and prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars.
  • This service is not available to minors.
  • DRRC members are explicitly prohibited from advertising of a commercial business or selling of comercial or resale items.
  • DRRC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime.
  • Users of this site release DRRC of any liability resulting from the use or misuse and any item advertised for sale or sold at this site,
  • Users agree to hold DRRC harmless if a loss or damage is experienced through the use of this site.
  • DRRC does not guarantee that any Seller will complete the sale of an item or any Buyer will complete the purchase of any item.
  • Any legal disputes arising from the use of this site falls under the law and jurisdiction of the State of Oregon.
  • DRRC does not assume any responsibility for any inappropriate use of the system, for any false demographic information, or for Users sending unsolicited commercial or non-commercial email to other users.
  • DRRC is not responsible for damage or loss caused by errors in the system or by interruption of Internet traffic. As a User of this site, you use it at your own risk.
  • All terms of sale, payment, and delivery of itmes listed on this site are between seller and buyer. DRRC assumes no responsibilty for nor is involved in said transactions.
  • All Users of this site are expected to abide by all Federal, State, and Local laws governing the offering, transfer, ownership and sale of firearms. It is the obligation of the user to know the law regarding such a sale, and to abide by the law as set forth. It is critical that users of this site use our service in a legal manner, consistent with standards of good citizenship. Any user found to be breaking laws in the use of our system will be expelled, and the proper authorities notified. DRRC will cooperate with law enforcement in the prosecution of any individual suspected of breaking or violating firearms law.
  • DRRC may edit or remove any item it, in its sole and final discretion finds illegal, in violation of these terms and conditions, inappropriate, offensive, misleading, fraudulent, in poor taste or for any other reason.
  • DRRC may terminate your participation and any of your current items for sale immediately if you breach this Agreement or if DRRC is unable to verify or authenticate any information you provide to us.
  • Sellers and Buyers by use of this site aggree to use provided email addresses only for purposes of competing transactions for the buying or selling of items on this site. Email addresses shall not be sold or used for SPAMING or commercial ventures.
  • Ads may be removed after 60 days unless the seller notifies the DRRC webmaster at indicating you would like the ad to run longer. Once an item has been removed it can be relisted by subitting it again as an original ad.

Seller Responsibilities
  • Sellers will accurately disclose any extra terms of sale, and such terms are not to contradict any other General Rules for use of this site. These extra terms might include the shipping costs, licensing requirements, or need go through an FFL for delivery.
  • If a Seller lists an item for sale, the Seller is obligated to complete the sale of that item if the asking price is met.
  • The Seller will accurately describe the item to be sold, and the condition of the item to include wear and any damage (if applicable). If pictures are included, they will reflect the actual item - don't include extras with the picture if not included with the sale.
  • PROHIBITED SALES: The listing or sales of explosives, explosive devices, or instructions for creating explosives or explosives devices unrelated to firearms is prohibited by DRRC.

Buyer Guidelines
  • It is the buyer's responsibility to know what you are buying.
  • Be wise in your dealings.
  • Ask all questions and set all terms before agreeing to purchase an item.
  • Inspect an item before purchase if possible

Listing An Item For Sale
  • Only DRRC Senior, Oldtime, and Life members may list items for sale.
  • To submit an item send an email to
  • In your submission you must include the following; your complete name (indicate whether your want your whole name in the ad, otherwise, only your first name will be listed, your DRRC member number (will not be included in the ad), a complete description of item for sale, asking price of item, and contact information (phone and/or email address).
  • You may include one picture of the item to be in .jpg format and to be no larger and 2" X 2". You may include a link to another site if you want more or lager pictures. Attach your picture to your email submission. Improperly formatted pictures will not be included.
  • You may only submit items related to firearms, shooting sports, or hunting.
  • The DRRC webmaster reserves all rights for acceptance, declining, and editing of ads. Edited ads will be done so for spelling, grammar, and clarity and will not be altered in content or meaning.